Tuesday, June 14, 2011

je t'adore

do you ever have moments where you're reminded of experiences? reminded of something you went through once upon a time... reminded of how it shaped you? how it helped you find yourself?

today as i was thinking about this giveaway a flood of memories came back to me.

at the age of 20 i ran away to paris. i was able to be part of a program that took me there for an entire semester. as cliche as it may sound, i truly found myself in paris. (kinda like sabrina) my camera was my best friend and constant companion. it went EVERYWHERE with me. i took picture after picture and came home with literally hundreds of rolls of film to develop. i cataloged each roll at the end of every day and kept meticulous track of where i was as i photographed the city of love. i found myself as an artist there in that magical city.

i remember sitting by myself on the banks of the seine, writing poetry in my little sketch book, drawing pictures, people watching and eating chocolate. it was divine to say the least.

before i left for france, my older brother gave me one of the greatest gifts i've ever received. a handmade journal to document my journey. here are some excerpts from its pages:

this next page is quite entertaining... it chronicles my adventures as a 20-yr old in paris on VALENTINES DAY... and then shares a little bit of an experience i had while attending my art history class (held in the Louvre). read it. you'll be amused.

i literally have enough photos to constitute a book all about my travels in paris and europe. they were all shot with either my 35mm nikon or my holga. all strictly film. i really found my passion as i wandered the streets of paris. it was life-changing. over the course of the next few days i am going to use this space to share with you pictures from that time in my life. here's a teaser to just get the ball rolling:


  1. Oh I just loved this and can't wait for more! Paris is one of my favorite places ever. I am excited to show my husband your photos and take him there some day :)

  2. How cute is your blog!! And even cuter your pregnant portraits so stealing this idea someday!

  3. Bar hopping! Naughty! ;) But seriously, why didn't you take me with you? Oh yeah. I was 14, but still.