Thursday, June 30, 2011

not fun to say goodbye

on saturday some really good friends of ours had a going away bbq. they're moving. and honestly, i'm not very happy about it. it's lame when good friends move far away. especially since julie is also expecting! ugh. how fun would it have been to have baby play dates?! sooooooo fun!


  1. goodbyes are no fun! i'm sorry such a close friend is moving...thank goodness for blogs, facebook, and phones that keep us a little closer ;) And both of you are too cute pregnant together :)

  2. thanks carolee. i really love these photos of us. briton is getting so so good!

  3. aww, I can understand how you must feel. it's so nice to have friends who are going through the same stages in life. thank god for emails & skype so that you can stay in touch! xx
    ps: you are both gorgeous with your bumps, ladies!!!