Thursday, June 16, 2011

time for a babymoon

just before i left for paris, amelie had come out. it's such a beautiful film. i loved everything about it. naturally, i had to see all the sites. my brother and i went around one day and checked out everything from the film. we even took pictures in one of the train station photo booths. this is the picture that i took of myself then :)

i've always loved going on adventures. fortunately for me, i married a man that loves to travel just as much as i do.

a few weeks ago, he said he was in some serious need of a vacation. i'm always in need of one! and so we are departing today for a little mini babymoon. we're not going very far. just a little drive away to the city that never seems to sleep (vegas baby!) but i'm so excited! we've got some serious funness planned!

enjoy your weekend! i KNOW i will!!


  1. Im an avid reader of your blog! I cant wait to see how much fun you have in Vegas!!! Im in serious need of (another) "babymoon" too! Have fun!
    Mrs Hall In Training

  2. Carolee! I stumbled upon your blog and was blown away when I saw all your Paris photos. I had just came across my Paris album while unpacking some boxes and there you were with the rest of the gang at the Opera Garnier, Mardi Gras, etc. It was a good walk down memory lane :) Anyway, I love your current work. You are able to capture such perfect emotions. Can't wait to see more! (This is Amy from your Paris group, by the way)

  3. mmmm. amelie. must watch it again!
    love, lindsay