Thursday, July 21, 2011


l-r: leslie, christine, sharon, and alisha, (missing one member- jessica)

some women have book club, others do play groups. i hang out with my photo peeps. that's my community and i LOVE it. each one of the ladies in this picture have an incredible eye and ability to capture beautiful images. we have formed together and are part of a collaborative group. we call ourselves f8. we meet monthly (sometimes more) and we talk all things photo. when i come home from our meetings, my husband often asks me what there is to talk about for 4+ hours. i laugh. if only he could be a fly on the wall for a few minutes, he'd realize that we are all photo-nerds. we talk every photography, cameras, equipment, business, organization... you name it. mainly it's a support group where we push each other to new heights and where we share share share our love of the fabulous medium of photography. we all shoot film too. it's kind of our thing. not that there's anything wrong with digital. most of us have professional digital cameras too... but there's something so raw and authentic about the process of capturing images on film. i love it. the other thing i absolutely love about this group of ladies: we are all great friends. there's no petty competition between us. no drama. just pure fun. our husbands even like each other. here's proof:

anyway, at one of our last meetings we went for a nice little walk. here are just a few images that were captured from the evening:

what kind of communities are you grateful that you're a part of?


  1. What a great idea.
    I am especially grateful for my book club friends (a quirky group, a mix of interesting gals), my church community and my neighborhood.
    I just had surgery and the support from the women in my life is indispensable!

  2. i want to be part of your community! can we start a "became friends in idaho" community? yes. miss you and good luck with baby beckham coming into the world!

  3. my gamma [lds sorority] community was once my favorite community to be a part of. is it lame if i say the blogging community is one of my favorite things to be a part of. so much inspiration to be read and seen.

  4. F/8. Love your face. Can't wait to Meet little Beckham