Wednesday, July 27, 2011

coy family reunion

i always knew that my family would be spread far across the country. we grew up moving every couple of years and so, we honestly don't know what it's like to stay in one place. i'm surprised that i live in such close proximity to my parents. but well, my siblings make up for my surprise. one lives out the east coast, the other in so cal, another in the northwest. we're scattered. and we rarely get to all come together at once.

that's why this family reunion was such a big deal. and it was a blast! it was really important to me that we get some good family photos and so i decided that i would make sure that it happened. (for the pictures that i was in and couldn't take, my good friend christine came and helped out! i am so grateful and indebted to her for allowing me to be in my family photo!!)

here i am with my siblings. what a fun group! i am really lucky to have such awesome brothers, and a sister!

my mom and sister

eliana is almost 13 and is already taller than me... haha. i'm officially the shortest in the family (besides the grandkiddos)

greg is such a stud!

andrew and ann

3 is the magic number (and we are almost there!)

brad and meredith and their adorable family

chris and jillayne

and then the two people who started it all...

kodak portra 400


  1. you have a beautiful family! we're spread out too (not as far as you guys though:), so I feel ya on soaking up the times together! GREAT photos carolee, and friend :)

  2. you and your fam are adorable. and your brother greg sure rocks that stache. kuddos to him.