Wednesday, July 13, 2011

rooftop concert series in provo

if you've never been to utah, you're seriously missing out. there are so many things to do in this great state. as an alaskan girl, i never thought that i'd be advocating another state besides the last frontier... but well, here i am- a total utah transplant. a utah resident. married to a man who definitely loves utah. he was california-born, but basically spent the majority of his growing up years in utah county and frankly, he loves it here. he doesn't just love all of utah though. there is escalante, moab, zions... all pretty incredible places! and then there's the little cities that gave me reason to make fun of the kids at college that were from them. cities like orem, utah. "what a hookey place to be from," i thought. it's not salt lake nor is it the wonderful provo, made famous by the byu cougars in all their sports glory.

but here i am, not far from orem and married to a guy who will tell me over and over again how and why orem is one of the greatest cities on earth.

well now it's my turn. he's right. orem is pretty great. it's close to everything. there's loads to do and they sure keep it clean and pretty. it's modern and convenient. and quiet (especially on the sabbath). i like it here. the weather is nice and the fruit trees... oh man, that's something we didn't have a lot of in alaska. fresh peaches picked right off the tree are one of my obsessions. utah brings out the domestic in me.

and yet... there's more culture here than one might suppose at first glance. and that's another reason why this place is so great. right next to orem is the lovely provo, and believe it or not- provo has quite the music scene. ever heard of neon trees? well they are a lovely band that has done quite well for themselves. a band that got their start on the stages of provo in awesome venues like velour. provo knows how to breed good music. if you don't believe me than check out this link- to the provo rooftop concert series. we're talking FREE MUSIC people! and lots of it. once a month the best of this area gathers together to share in their love and appreciation of live music. it's sublime. and it's another reason why being here is so delightful.

and so, on the 1st of july, i gratefully accepted an invitation to attend and choose to capture just a few select images from my time soaking in the wonderful music of the beatles, recreated by some of utah's best and most loved musicians. GOOD TIMES.


some of you (in utah and out) may be familiar with c.jane- she's an avid blogger and writer and one of the big reasons (if not the reason) why this concert series even exists. here's a pic of her and her man. if you don't already follow her, you really should check out what she has to say here. be warned: you might really like what you read and be hooked :)

other things to love about this concert series... there are vendors set up with lots of good food and treats. mmmm! isn't there something so good about fair-type food?

and finally... one of my most favorite moments from the evening: i really enjoy photographing "strangers" just people who don't really know me that well and who weren't planning on having their likeness captured. there's something so thrilling about seeing someone in their element and then asking them to allow me to capture them on film. when i saw robbie connolly, chillin with his beautiful wife and awesome dog- i couldn't resist. how 101 dalmations is this moment? now, robbie is a stranger to me... sure i know he's part of the awesome group, fictionist. but i haven't ever spoken to him personally. thankfully for me, he's good friends with kaneischa (a very important person in the provo music scene) and thus the introduction was made and the following images captured.

i'm not so sure if i will be in attendance at the upcoming show in august... since baby beckham is due to make his appearance and who knows what state i'll be in! but if i'm able, you all know one place where you'll find me. sitting on a lawn chair, soaking in the warmth of the beautiful music from a rooftop in provo.


  1. such lovely photos and i love that man's curls!

  2. just the other night i went on a late night stroll with some friends. walked right past him, his wife & his dog. it was awesome. i've never been to the rooftop series but i plan on going to the joshua james one in august!

  3. agreed. i love utah. and i love those photos.