Wednesday, August 10, 2011

who does he look like?

i wish i had a clearer picture of my husband when he was a baby... but this one will have to do. although, the profile feels so familiar to me. i think my little emerson does take after his daddy. but then again, here's a picture of me when i was 4 days old... and i can honestly say i see some similarities too. what do you think?

who does my baby look more like?

or is he a nice healthy combination of the both of us?

curious to hear your input.

BTW.. incase you can't tell, i'm LOVING every minute of being a mom.

OH.. and one more thing- i wish to say a deep, heartfelt and sincere THANK YOU to every single one of you who have congratulated us at this very special time in our lives. we are so overjoyed and feel so blessed to be the recipients of such warmth and love. every single one of your comments has warmed my heart. there have been many times, in the dark of night, nursing that i turn on my phone to see what all of you wonderful people have said. so THANK YOU.


  1. I think he looks like the boy version of you :)

  2. I think I'm leaning toward he looks more like your husband (at least I think thats him. I doubt the hospital would put a bow on a boy...ya never know). But in the eyes looks like baby you.

  3. I think he looks more than you. But it still kinda hard to tell. Congratulations on being a new mommy! He is a cutie :)

  4. oh he looks just like you! though it may just be the frontal photo of the two of you =)
    congrats on a bigger beckham family!

  5. oh i say Emerson has a lot of his momma in him :) but he is his own babe...a sweet litte mixture of the 2 of you. maybe get a profile shot of him and compare it with the one of Britton :)

    by the way...i love that you said britton's profile in that photo is so familiar to you...and what a tender, sweet angle/moment that is. i tell's hard for me to think of a sweeter sight than your very own baby in your arms nursing...oh i miss it. So happy for you and that you're loving motherhood carolee!!

  6. I recently heard that babies tend to look more like daddy for the first year to make daddy know it's theres and stay :) lol

    I just think its the coolest thing to one minute see yourself and the other to see your husband. Its the crazyiest thing. Our little Ivan is like that.

  7. I'm so thrilled for you! Congrats on the most darling baby boy.

  8. Carolee, It's Keileigh Tuckett. Dian and Ray's Daughter-In-Law. Congratulations!!! You are awesome! He is so stinkin cute. Being a Mum really is the best job in the world. Nothing is better than waking up to that sweet little smile. The spirit in their eyes. Enough from me! Congrats again.

  9. He is simply gorgeous. congratulations and I look forward to hearing the birth tale!