Friday, November 4, 2011

a baby quilt

disclaimer: i've never quilted before. i couldn't have done the following for my sweet baby boy without the help of some amazing artists. the first of which is lizzy house. she designed the fabric and the actual quilt layout and then was so kind as to teach me how to put it all together. i am so grateful and honestly, am now totally addicted to quilting. check out her work at her blog. secondly, the amazing angela walters is responsible for the amazing quilting. her finishing touches make the quilt. i know, you are all so impressed by how it turned out (being that it was my first quilt and all) but, i owe these two ladies big for the final result. as for the baby on the quilt?... well, he's all mine :) and i love every inch of him. [but i can't take all the credit there either. ;)] the outfit was made by the talented julie gillrie.


  1. Awe he is just full of sweetness and love! What a fantastic quilt and how amazing that you made it. I really wish I had a crafty bone in my body, or at least a connection with someone who was!
    My babe is due in about 10 weeks and I have an urge to knit something...but alas I have never knit anything before and doubt I have the skill or patience to learn right now.

  2. i love this post! i am new into the sewing world and i will make a quilt one day. thanks for posting this!!