Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NIDO: international publication

i received a lovely little package in the mail this week. it came to me all the way from germany.

NIDO is a family and lifestyle magazine that circulates in the german and swiss markets. a bit ago, they contacted me about my pregnancy series and expressed interest in having the images as part of a future publication. the time for that future publication has finally arrived and i was so thrilled to see my images together in their lovely magazine. despite being in a language that i do not understand- it's still a beautiful publication and one that i feel honored to be a part of! here are a few shots of how my images are all laid out. enjoy!

i love how they labeled under each image what week it was. and then, the concluding image: SOHN EMERSON. xoxo


  1. Carolee! This is FABULOUS! You have such wonderful talent. Love, Janelle

  2. LOVE it! Great work and I'm so happy to see it getting published!

  3. Wow that looks amazing. So cool I love it

  4. Wow what an honor! I'm so glad that those amazing photos were recognized.

  5. I`ve actually read this publication, how wonderful.
    HUGE fan!