Tuesday, March 20, 2012

an announcement...

approximately 7.5 months ago my life changed forever... on a warm summer afternoon, my little emerson was born at home. since then- everything -including this blog, has taken a back seat to my baby boy. i've been taking all the time i can find, learning to adjust to life with emers. it has been surreal. i had NO CLUE how much i would absolutely love being a mom. no clue!

and so the daily grind of our lives continues on... and i'm obsessed with my sweet boy. between him, my husband, my photography, and teaching (yes- that is a new development as well... i teach now, a university photography course.) i am quite busy.

it's time though... to continually improve at this thing i call my juggling act. and so, with that- comes the rebirth of my blog. if you've hung on with me through the drought, i thank you dearly. stay tuned, cause there are fun things on the horizon!

the first of which is known as sakura bloom's sling dairies.

here are the basics
around here-
we birth at home
we cloth diaper
we make our own baby food
we breastfeed
and yes, we wear our baby

when leigh, from marvelous kiddo, invited me to participate in the sakura bloom sling diaries, i was so thrilled. i love wearing my baby. love keeping him close. love doing what i love to do with him in tow. (HUGE CONGRATS TO LEIGH BY THE WAY!! she just gave birth at home to a beautiful baby girl)

what exactly are the sling diaries, you ask? well it's simple: they are "a photo-documentary chronicling the art of babywearing in the lives of thirteen families."

and i just so happen to be one of the thirteen! :) for the next six months i will be posting photos showing our adventures in the land of baby wearing. i'm excited. and thrilled. and ready to have you take this journey with me. stay tuned... cause tomorrow will be my first post and it's one that you WON'T want to miss :)

BTW- head on over and enter to win your very own sling! follow this link. (HURRY! the giveaway ends wednesday at midnight!)


Emerson, 7 months
shot at the Charcoal loft, in Salt Lake (need a studio for a shoot? i highly recommend it!!)

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  1. this is so fabulous! i'm excited to see more of your amazing images and i bet you'll rock the baby wearing like its a catwalk.