Thursday, April 12, 2012

greef richard beckham- photos in his space

greef richard beckham just turned 97 this month.
he still drives
is a HAM radio operator
collects silver coins
remarried at 90 to a widow down the street named Vera.
he's the last surviving member of the Amelia Earhart rescue team.
he's a veteran.
he's intelligent and independent.
he's a Beckham.
and he's my husband's grandpa and my baby's great grandpa.

this is part of a series which i am doing where i will be documenting important people in my life, as they are in their own personal space.

if you're interested in having a photo-documentation, similar to this series, of someone you love, contact me here. :)


  1. These pictures are incredible. What an amazing project. I'm sure it means a lot to the people in your life!

    This is such an amazing way to document these people's lives not only for you, but for your beautiful baby to look back upon and see important people just as you saw them at that specific moment in time.

  2. Love it, love it, love it. The black and white of them on the porch and the last photo are my two favorites!

  3. These are beautiful! This style of photography is definitely your strong suit... and one of my favorite styles of photography. I wish you were in California... I would have you come document my husband and I in our little cottage and then have you come back in 50 years when we are old and grey :)

  4. Ashley- how about the next time I'm in California I let you know and we can make it happen!!! :) just the fact that you referred to your home as a cottage makes me super thrilled to see it!!! :) and revisit it in 50 years?! Such a beautiful invitation!

  5. this is my favorite session you have done! lovely.