Saturday, May 5, 2012

a few thoughts on style

lately i've had the awesome pleasure of photographing some very specific looks, styled by megan beckham. (who besides being my sister- is also a super talented stylist and a beautiful model).

i haven't gotten around to posting these yet... simply because i've been swamped! but now, that the semester has finished- i have a little bit of room to breathe. i don't teach again till the second block of summer. so between now and then i will definitely have more time to set aside to hang with all of you. there's lots that i've been up to lately.. on the mom front and the photo front. lots.

but for now, please enjoy some of my favorites from our collaborations. (the best work is done together, wouldn't you all agree?!) and if you like what you see- head on over and give her blog a peek. she's pretty rad, and i'm not just saying that cause we're family. ;)


  1. The lace ones are stunning. wow.

  2. Well done! Those are very beautiful! I love how you take pictures from different angles and bring out details the viewer may not usually see.

    It is a tricky line to walk trying to tell a sensual story and make things feminine and sexy, admiraing the feminine physique while at the same time trying to avoid objectifying women for their T&A. I can't put my finger on where and what the difference is. What is your artistic opinion?

  3. I LOVE the lace ones! Gorgeous! I always think it's sexier to hint at something ;)

  4. it's a super hard line to walk... cause i definitely don't want to objectify women, but still want to show allure. i think one of the things that makes it overall a successful shoot is that we (meaning megan and myself) try to focus more on the clothes than on her body. she's merely an accessory to the fashion. if that makes sense. and so it's not about the body and objectifying it- it's about the materials, the fabrics, the cuts. and that purpose shows through the photos really well. plus you can have more sex-appeal by covering up than by revealing too much. :)