Monday, May 28, 2012

happy memorial day!

to all those who have fought for our freedoms... thank you.

to all those who have died defending our liberties... thank you.

to those currently serving our country... thank you.

i grew up as a child of the military. i attended 5 different elementary schools and then started at a whole new school for 7th grade. my youngest brother learned to pray saying "bless daddy to come home safely" because my dad was gone in Oman for the Gulf War. i am grateful for my dad and his military service. i'm grateful for my grandpas and their military service. they are both veterans of the 2nd world war. i am grateful to be a descendant of men who fought in the revolutionary war. memorial day is a day filled with lots of good food, family, bbqs... but let's not forget to remember to fill it with a few moments of gratitude for those who serve our country.

emerson wore a patriotic tie to church in honor of memorial day. here are a few impromptu family photos. i'm super grateful for my little family. i love both my husband and my little boy with all my heart.


  1. Gorgeous family...lovely cuddly baby. Wow he is so big..wearing little sandals. Oh my!