Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i'm excited for....


what are you excited for?

i shot this image on-location in salt lake city as part of a shoot styled by megan beckham for VOX Magazine.

and now for an ANNOUNCEMENT! the big news is out- we're MOVING! or temporarily relocating to salt lake city (downtown) for the summer. husband has summer employment in the city and instead of commuting, we're making a memory out of it. i found an apartment (finally) today... after searching long and hard. husband starts his job tomorrow.

this blog is going to be filled with all kinds of beautiful things from our "summer in the city."
have you ever taken a summer away from home? how was it?


  1. congrats!! how exciting! i am looking forward to my first race this july!!

  2. hey cool! we may just have you take some pics of us in our place if we can ever get all the little bits and pieces organized. we're in desperate need of family pictures.

    1. you know I would love that. it'd be rad. even if not every single little bit and piece is in place. it all has fabulous character how it is! :) plus.... i've heard wonderful things about your dog!