Thursday, June 14, 2012

let summer begin

things change once summer hits... they just do.

as a mom, this summer is quite different than summers past. everything i do is focused on the little man by my side.

example: when i go to the pool, i can no longer just lay out and sunbathe. instead i get to play in the water with my baby. it's actually more enjoyable in some ways. i love seeing the excitement in his eyes.

for the summer, i'm going to take this blog in a little bit different of a direction. i will still post and share photo sessions (like i normally do) but i'm also going to share more personal adventures of our summer in the city.

so if you're a momma, a soon-to-be-momma, a wanderer, an adventurer, a lover of all things beautiful- come along for the ride. let's share our summer adventures together. if you've got some fun things going on in your neck of the woods- leave a comment and link up to your adventures! i'd love to check them out.

to start things off, here's a few pictures from a couple of weekends ago. i took my baby to the provo rooftop concert series. the kid LOVES music. loves it. he really enjoyed the concert! and that really makes me happy since i love live music. i've got my own little concert-going buddy. i'm one lucky lady!

he was pretty excited about the drummer! he loves to drum (if it's not obvious from the photos)

what fun things do you have planned for the weekend?

here's a list of some fun things to do in salt lake this friday and saturday:

the utah chalk art festival and family book festival are happening at the gateway in downtown salt lake. (sounds pretty cool to me!)

you might also be interested in hitting up the downtown salt lake farmer's market. if you haven't had a family portrait taken in a while... this is definitely something that you won't want to miss! alisha stamper takes large format polariods at the market and they are so very cool. check her out! :)

see you downtown! xoxo

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  1. jealous of your summer in the city! we have some fun things planned to. i'll link up when i post about them.

    can't wait to see more posts about fun summer things..yay for summer!