Monday, June 18, 2012

reflecting on father's day

here is one of the first photos taken of my husband in his new role as a father. this was taken on the day that our little emerson was born. i love this picture so very much.

with fathers day being yesterday, i took some time to reflect on how i feel about my husband's new role of father. we have learned so much this past year as we have embarked on the journey of parenthood. we are so imperfect and often times extremely under qualified for the position. but we are both amazed at how much natural love we have for our son.

i'm going to share with you some very intimate photos from emerson's birth-day. these pictures were taken by christine olsen. i'm so grateful that she was there.

he labored with me. was by my side for the entire 20 hours. i don't know what i would have done without him. i needed him there, holding my hand, helping me to bring our son into this world.

he was there for me the entire time.

he supported me through labor.

he helped catch our baby.

he weighed him.

put on his first diaper.

he even held my hand as my midwife stitched up my tears...

he was everything i needed. and has continued to be to this day.

happy father's day to my sweetheart. xoxo
you might be interested in reading the full account of the day here.


  1. Every moment of this is completely celestial in every way. I'm in AWE!!! Carolee, you are blessed.

  2. this is a great post. what amazing photos!