Wednesday, June 20, 2012

sakura bloom: sling dairies: communication

when i was pregnant with emerson i would often talk to him and tell him about the world around us. i prepared for his birth with the hypno-birthing method and so in the days leading up to his birthday, i would visualize meeting him. we would listen to music together, nap together, spend every moment together. to be quite honest... not a lot has changed since then- and i'm totally ok with that.

communication is so important. understanding one another builds love, trust, friendship. i talk to my baby, explaining to him why we do things and helping him to learn how to appropriately interact with the world around him.

before he was born i knew i wanted to try to teach him sign language. i wanted to provide him with the tools of communication, eliminating frustration and helping him to feel happy and understood.

he's only 10 months old but he signs regularly to communicate with us. some of his favorites are: "milk" "more" "eat" "diaper" and "all done". he surprises me with his ability to communicate what he wants. he's affectionate and loving and he'll even give me a kiss when i ask for it (and even when i don't!!).

we went on a little family outing this past saturday and had a picnic. sharon was there to document it and to capture some of our interaction as a family as we lovingly communicated with one another. she did a beautiful job! enjoy! xoxo

signing milk, while nursing

this post was done as part of the sakura bloom sling diaries.

i'm wearing the double linen sling in lagoon. you might be interested in my other posts on
and exploration.

you also may have noticed that i am now a blonde! it was quite the process... let me tell you! but an amazing stylist and good friend was willing to take the challenge. you can see the steps here.


  1. You look so glam. Love your hair. And this is totally the most picturesque picnic ever!

  2. I love the blonde! I was so confused at first, you look so different! But I love it! You have a very talented stylist to turn your dark hair into such a lovely blonde.

  3. OH MY GOSH MY HEART IS SWELLING!! I love this shoot so much I could die. I am so glad you had Britton apart of it. This is brilliant.

  4. Gorgeous! Wow I could look at these pictures over and over. And I love your hair, phew! So glad it turned out and that you like it too. It was fun doing it.

  5. I love your outfit & new do! Also the picnic basket is fantastic! I lust after it :D

  6. Beautiful! I am one week away from meeting our little one and we have the moby wrap. I am so excited!

  7. This is so so so gorgeous. And I love the signing milk! Melts my heart when Declan does that too. :)

  8. fabulous photos. i absolutely love the one where he is signing milk! what a wonderful shot!