Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of july

yesterday was one of the most enjoyable 4th of july's i remember having. it was filled with the people i love, fun activities and great food. the first 4th of july we spent together was the day after britton proposed.

for kicks and giggles... here's a video clip from our festivities that year. we went to the stadium of fire. (you even get to see my new *bling* lol)

our first year of marriage, we celebrated the 4th in texas, the second year was spent with my family in provo, utah- we had a big family reunion. and then this year- we spent it with friends up at our new place in salt lake.

we swam, ate yummy food, talked about the constitution and shared feelings about our great country and what it means to be american to each of us. my heart felt so full at the end of yesterday. every holiday should be so wonderful! :) here are just a few shots from the day, as seen through my iphone.

how did you spend your 4th?

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