Wednesday, July 18, 2012

baby noah

newborns are so fun to photograph. so peaceful. so new, fresh, perfect.

i am always so honored to enter into homes filled with love and to capture families in their spaces.

this little guy was just 8 days old when i took these photos. precious.

taking newborn sessions on-location, in your home, is one of my favorite things. why should you have to leave to go anywhere the first few days/week of your baby's new life? you shouldn't! you should be recovering, relaxing. let me come to you. having photos taken in your space is a special way for you to remember how things were in your baby's first home. they're more than just newborn photos- they are heirlooms; a way for you to share a bit of your baby's life history with him as he grows older. if you're expecting, contact me to schedule a custom on-location portrait session of your newborn.

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