Wednesday, July 25, 2012

sakura bloom: an opportunity

many of you know that i'm a baby-wearing momma. i love totin' my little guy around here and there. and i've been blessed to participate in the sling diaries- a 6 month photo journey into the lives of 13 families that wear their bebes all around. i can't believe that we're coming up on our last month already... when i was invited to participate 6 months seemed like a long time, but boy has it flown right by!

here's the cool part- if you love wearing your baby (or think that you'd love it and want to give it a try!) and if you have loved following along with all of the awesome posts which have been part of the sling diaries- then maybe it's just time for you to take your turn! leigh, over at marvelous kiddo, is looking for more mommas to participate in another baby wearing project.

so follow this link and let her know that you'd like to be part of the next round of baby-wearing love. xoxo

and while we're at it... which theme has been your favorite so far?






??????????? comment and let me know! :)


  1. Style, but maybe that's just because you're so stylish ;)

    1. awww thanks friend!! BTW- let's grab lunch or something. Our time left in Salt Lake is running short. :)