Friday, July 20, 2012

salt lake chalk art festival

a few weekends ago the chalk art festival was going on at the gateway in downtown salt lake. it sounded like a lot of fun and so- wearing our sunscreen and braving the heat, we ventured on down for some quality family time.

the art was amazing! some of the artists blew my mind. i love being so close to so many cool things. i'm really glad we went. emers had a great time too. especially since he ended up coming home with a balloon. he's in love with balloons these days... :)

what fun things do you have planned for this weekend?


  1. The chalk festival looks really neat! Love those photos too.
    There is something about balloons and babies. When my girl was about 2 months old she was mesmerized by a Mylar balloon. Was even smiling at it and giggling.

  2. I first went to the sidewalk chalk art festival 4 years was fantastic! Awesome photos Carolee, thanks for sharing! Glad you and your sweet boys had such a great time, even with the heat :)

    and the exciting stuff this weekend is starting in a couple hours when my Mom & sister arrive from Washington and Idaho! :)

    1. how fun!! BTW- while I'm still living in Salt Lake, it would be so fun to meet up. :)