Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

sakura bloom: sling diaries: FUN

as a documentary photographer, i am drawn to the details-the faces and things that i see in the familiar and the unfamiliar. i love taking on a new challenge and photographing according to a specific theme. it's what i've done for years. i've had various gallery exhibits of specific bodies of work. it's really fun for me.

so when leigh invited me to participate in the sakura bloom sling diaries, i was really excited to explore a new avenue of documentation with my baby. especially since my pregnancy was so completely documented.

we've had so much fun participating in the sling diaries these past 6 months. it's been an awesome way to chronicle emerson's growth.

this month my baby turned ONE! we had a lovely backyard celebration in honor of him. what fun it is to be parents to such a sweet little boy!

we held his birthday party in my parents back yard. here are a few pics from the celebration.

for the record: we DID NOT plan to all match by wearing stripes. i swear it happened on accident... and i honestly didn't realize that it happened till the end of the party. my mind and attentions were elsewhere. i had actually put emerson in something different, but he needed a change of clothes and so this is what britton put him in. funny.

it was such a fun party and it's been a fun year. we make choices daily that affect our lives either for good or for bad. choosing to wear my little boy has been one of the best choices which i have made for good. he has seen and experienced so much of the world with his heart right next to mine- right where it belongs.

no matter where i go, or what i'm wearing, my sakura bloom sling always compliments my style. i seem to receive compliments wherever i go, and there's often an inquiry as to where i obtained "such a beautiful sling."

we have traveled to and from, explored the red rocks of southern utah, moved to a new city, visited aviaries, museums, and parks. we have gone swimming, hiking, for walks, exploring, played pool, shopping, to the market, etc... and we have done it all with emers in the sling.

we have a connection, a bond. he trusts me and knows that i love him. he's always close enough to kiss. he tells me when he wants something and communicates with me. his sign language skills expand daily and since he's so close we can whisper secrets to one another throughout the day.

this is his story. he comes from two parents who love him and who love each other. we are a family. we will always stick together.

here are a handful of moments from the past 6 months as we have journeyed with emers in-tow.

Monday, August 20, 2012

sharing a saturday morning with a beautiful family

oh my goodness, i am so excited to share these images with you. this lovely family allowed me to come to their home early last saturday morning. i just got the film back today and i couldn't wait to post them! every single frame was so delicious to me!

there is something so awesome about photographing people (especially children) in a space that is familiar and comfortable to them. believe it or not, these images were taken in a back alley way and in front of their home. they didn't dress up fancy for the session. i really felt like i was one of them for the hour that i spent in their space.

these pictures ooze family love, summer fun, and the freedom and joy of youth and childhood. i hope that you'll enjoy these images as much as i do.

all images shot with the contax 645 and portra 400

Friday, August 17, 2012

true love?- a 6th grade love note that you've got to read!

honest moment: i have a lot of unfinished projects. and good intentions to organize my space better than it's currently organized. but i have a hard time finding (or making) the time for it all. i have a list of projects that i've been meaning to get to for years now. i think there's a way to overcome this personality flaw. one: don't try to do so much. two: manage my time better. how about a combination of both?

the other night i sat down to tackle an organization project that i've been meaning to get to for MONTHS now and while i was in the middle of undertaking it, my husband became curious and started thumbing through some of my things.

this love letter was one of the things he pulled out of my semi-organized drawer.

talk about true love! this was given to me in the 6th grade. i remember the box of chocolates that it came with... it was a heart-shaped box. i vaguely remember what this brad character looked like. and even though i said no, i have kept his letter all these years. how do you throw out a letter like this one? the guy had guts to ask me out (again). after reading it to my husband, i put it back in my semi-organized drawer and then spent some quality "cuddle time" with the man who leaves me random love notes on a regular basis.

when my kids are older, i hope that these little bits of my past will be of value to them- or that they will at least find them interesting.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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it's time for a giveaway because you're all so awesome

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a big thank you

if you've read my blog for a little bit or for awhile, you know that i love to document the beautiful that i see daily, in my life and in the life of those who know me.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

ryker's birth story

when melissa contacted me to photograph her baby's birth, she was just a few weeks from her baby's due date.

more than one week past her due date, it was apparent that her baby's birth wasn't going to be the exact story she had envisioned. it was still his story though and it was important to document.

and so early one morning, i met her and ryan at st mark's in salt lake, as they prepared for the arrival of their (larger than) 9lb baby boy via cesarean. it was a happy morning, filled with so much love and excitement. even in the midst of major surgery- you can sense melissa's courage and peace. the first moments this family shared together were so special to witness and document.

lucky for me, i was allowed in the operating room. here is ryker's story caught on film. the moments were so precious. i am always in awe at the miracle of life. and when i get home from photographing a birth, it always makes me want to hold my dear ones that much closer. congrats to this beautiful family on their special day!