Thursday, August 9, 2012

ryker's birth story

when melissa contacted me to photograph her baby's birth, she was just a few weeks from her baby's due date.

more than one week past her due date, it was apparent that her baby's birth wasn't going to be the exact story she had envisioned. it was still his story though and it was important to document.

and so early one morning, i met her and ryan at st mark's in salt lake, as they prepared for the arrival of their (larger than) 9lb baby boy via cesarean. it was a happy morning, filled with so much love and excitement. even in the midst of major surgery- you can sense melissa's courage and peace. the first moments this family shared together were so special to witness and document.

lucky for me, i was allowed in the operating room. here is ryker's story caught on film. the moments were so precious. i am always in awe at the miracle of life. and when i get home from photographing a birth, it always makes me want to hold my dear ones that much closer. congrats to this beautiful family on their special day!


  1. So awesome you were able to capture this for them--in NYC they only allowed the partner in the OR so I never got a chance to photograph C-sections for any of my doula clients who ended up with one. What a lovely gift for this family, and beautifully done! :)

    1. When I showed up at the hospital, I anticipated that I wasn't going to be allowed in either. So it was a nice surprise for us all and something we didn't count on! :)

  2. Love this! It's so beautiful!

  3. these are so sweet girl! great job!

  4. the breastfeeding shot is stunning.

  5. Just crying, fantastic story, so emotional