Friday, August 17, 2012

true love?- a 6th grade love note that you've got to read!

honest moment: i have a lot of unfinished projects. and good intentions to organize my space better than it's currently organized. but i have a hard time finding (or making) the time for it all. i have a list of projects that i've been meaning to get to for years now. i think there's a way to overcome this personality flaw. one: don't try to do so much. two: manage my time better. how about a combination of both?

the other night i sat down to tackle an organization project that i've been meaning to get to for MONTHS now and while i was in the middle of undertaking it, my husband became curious and started thumbing through some of my things.

this love letter was one of the things he pulled out of my semi-organized drawer.

talk about true love! this was given to me in the 6th grade. i remember the box of chocolates that it came with... it was a heart-shaped box. i vaguely remember what this brad character looked like. and even though i said no, i have kept his letter all these years. how do you throw out a letter like this one? the guy had guts to ask me out (again). after reading it to my husband, i put it back in my semi-organized drawer and then spent some quality "cuddle time" with the man who leaves me random love notes on a regular basis.

when my kids are older, i hope that these little bits of my past will be of value to them- or that they will at least find them interesting.

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have an awesome weekend!


  1. Omgosh haha I literally laughed out loud when I finished reading that note!!! ITS SO DARN CUTE!!!! lol Seriously impressed with that kid hahaha. And Glad you've gotten into some of your organization projects lately, I'm very much the same and need to work on cleaning things out too!

  2. That is so adorible i read it omg