Sunday, September 16, 2012

a busy week and the sling diaries conclusion

it's been a busy weekend for sure. for starters the semester has begun and so i'm in full adjunct professor mode. (if you're wanting to learn the basics of photography- you can follow along with my class blog here.)

it's harvest season and so i'm as busy as a bee freezing corn, making my own grape juice concentrate, picking and bottling beans, freezing zucchini, bottling other fruits like peaches etc etc etc. it's a lot of work! thankfully i have a super-duper little helper who likes to hang onto my legs while i work! ;)

i'm anxious for fall- i love the autumn colors and the slightly cooler weather. i can not wait to bust out my sweaters!

and i've got several photo sessions to edit and some really great ones up and coming.

but despite how busy my mind and body is- i've taken a few moments to just be grateful this week and it's made all the difference.

the biggest thing that lit my fire this week was being selected by sakura bloom and leigh as one of the 3 winners of the sakura bloom sling diaries. i am honored to be counted with the other lovely ladies who were also selected. both jodi and mary-catherine were such an inspiration to me throughout the 6 months. i wish we lived closer, it'd be such a treat to go on a lunch date with them!

and now... what do i want to do, but buy more slings! ;)

i've got my eye on this one... thoughts?

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