Tuesday, October 30, 2012

it's a star wars halloween

this isn't my baby's first halloween- last year was his first. but he was so little that dressing him up was fun, but somewhat anti-climatic.

this year, i knew things had to be different! and with a halloween party at our church to attend- i wanted to come up with a family themed costume.

i've never had much of a doppelganger, but once upon a time (aka: highschool) i dressed up as princess leia for halloween and so many people thought i looked an awful lot like her! thankfully my parents still had my costume! it needed a tiny bit of tlc. (glue guns are amazing tools!) and we were ready for a night of fun- with my husband as han solo, my baby as an ewok and yours truly as princess leia!

i'm really looking forward to getting dressed up again this wednesday. i can't wait to go trick or treating with my baby.

oh... and to my surprise, we were selected as the family-themed costume winners! yay!

what do you think? how'd we do? pretty similar?

what are your halloween plans? comment here and leave me a link to photos of your halloween. we'll do a mash-up of all of the greatest family costumes on friday.

oh- and don't forget! you only have two more days to enter this giveaway!!! your very own sakura bloom sling!


  1. You guys look fantastic! And you DO look like Princess Leia :)

  2. How much fun is that! Great costumes guys!

  3. You DO look like her! Both beautiful brunettes. :) And Bitton was right on with his costume...and Emerson seriously put the BIGGEST smile in my face! I showed my husband the pictures of your little Eeok on Facebook and he got a good laugh. :) may the force be with you guys tonight, happy Halloween carolee!

    1. Oops! I know Britton has an R...darn phone ;)

    2. One more comment for ya ;) i shared our family's costumes on our blog... http://adamandhaleykjar.blogspot.com/2012/10/happy-halloween-from-mr-green.html
      And I'll be excited to see other family costume ideas! I'm definitely taking advantage of the kidlets being up for whatever costume theme mama wants, soon enough they'll be picking out their own cute costumes. :) And cheers to having awesome husbands who are up for it! Can I get an amen?! ;)