Tuesday, October 2, 2012

le calligraphe

i'm a proud big sister. my little brother (who really isn't that little anymore) is quite the catch. he's probably the funniest guy i know, he can mimic several different accents, he's quite the ham. he really brightens my life. i'm proud of who he is and what he's accomplished.

recently he was able to study in morocco for a few months. he was part of an intensive arabic language study program. he's minoring in film at byu and so used his skills to document and create something beautiful from his time there.

this film is so great. check it out! and if you want the translation (cc is available) click through to the youtube source and turn it on. i personally love just the sounds and the moments that are created through it all without the translation- but then, it doesn't hurt that i understand french ;)

go ahead and leave a comment for him if you like it. and if you want, as he creates more- i'll post them too.

filmed by greg coy

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