Thursday, April 18, 2013

the kindness project: roseanna

in celebration of my 30th birthday, i decided to do something a little different this year. inspired by my very cool cousin, i sought out 30 different opportunities to do acts of kindness. i actually have only done 17 of the 30 so far, but this commitment to do good things isn't going to end here or at 30 for that matter. it will be something that i continue doing. it brought a lot of love and light to the week of my birth. and i had some really great conversations because of it.

since i relate to everything around me through my camera, it only felt right to take portraits of all those wonderful people who let me do something kind for them.

i've titled this

"The Kindness Project"

there are many stories to tell about the wonderful people whom i served and then photographed.

above i've posted just one of the shots from this project. i photographed this beautiful girl in her apartment. what did i do that was kind for her? i gave her a hug. :) see... when she was little (REALLY little) i would babysit her. this was in alaska. her parents now reside in georgia and when i asked for opportunities of things to do, her sweet mother said "give rose a hug".... so one day i found myself driving to her apartment just for that reason alone.

i took a few other pictures while i was there that day, which i will share at a future date. but for now, here is the first image from:

The Kindness Project

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