Friday, May 3, 2013

carolee's photo tip of the week: give yourself a photo-challenge

if you've ever studied art in school you know how assignments can stretch you and help you to think outside of your box. at some point everyone finds themself in a rut or facing artist's block. how then do you get past it? or work through it? one idea that seems to have worked time and time again for me is to give yourself an assignment. you'll be surprised at how things change when you start looking at them through the eyes of a challenge. around 2 years ago i helped to form a creative group of female photographers (f/8) and one of the major benefits of belonging to this amazing group of women is that we have weekly challenges. these exercises push us and help us to see things in a new way. one of the very first challenges was simply "through". the challenge was to photograph through something. ideas included windows, sheets, fabric, trees.... the possibilities on this are endless!

these are some of the first images i shot with this particular challenge in mind:

for this particular shot i had a small piece of fabric that was somewhat sheer which i placed in front of my lens and shot through it:

the through aspect of this one is slightly more obvious:

the above photos are of julie gillrie

i've since used this challenge in many of my sessions. here's a sneak peek at a session which hasn't been posted yet--but where i definitely shot through something:

so the tip of this week is to embrace a challenge. do something different. push yourself and create something extraordinary. and after you do so, share it with me! i'd love to see how you stretch the boundaries of your creativity.

some challenge ideas:

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