Wednesday, May 1, 2013

FIND: film is NOT dead, a workshop

no matter how long i've been taking photos, there's one thing i'm certain of: it's that i still have so much to learn and that i need to be better today than i was yesterday and better tomorrow than i am today.

i may teach others how to take photos, but to be better at everything that i do it's absolutely essential that i allow myself to also be taught. my decision to attend FIND was one that i'm so grateful i made. there are so many things that i gained from attending. i gained new friends, a renewed direction for my personal work, confidence that i've chosen the right path, more technical knowledge about the tools in my camera bag and above all i am now part of a family that supports, cares about and cheers for one another as we all strive to succeed. you want my advice? attending a focused workshop, taught by someone whom you respect, is an essential part of succeeding yourself. it's worth every penny you could invest in it and more. don't ever be hesitant about investing in yourself. you are worth it.

let me share with you one of the most valuable perspectives i gained while at the workshop:

"there is nothing more important to an artist than his or her voice—it’s truly the only thing that any one of us can uniquely possess. and because of such, we can own the same camera, shoot the same stock of film, even attend the same workshops and know that every image is going to bear the mark of the individual artist who shot it."

so what is FIND? well it's 3 intensive days of critiques, individual feedback, instruction, technical advice, and shooting workshops plus one afternoon of a journey to create personal work. there's incredible food, and lots of it! there's good friends and lots of laughs. the days are long but the whole experience flies right on by and seems to go too fast.

jonathan canlas heads it up and he is a complete open book before, during and after the workshop.

in 3 days i shot 10+ rolls of film. so there's a lot of shots that i could share with you. instead of sharing every single shot though, i'm going to just post a small selection of my favorites.

on the final day of the workshop we went to helper, utah. this small little town blew my mind. there's lots i want to share and will do so, eventually.... but for now- here's a sneak peek.


  1. I love them Carolee!!! When I had my first baby, and my husband photographed the experience, he used a mix of film and digital, which gave us a great mix of shots and mediums. Plus he really had a love for what film exposed to him!

  2. Lovely photos Carolee! It was so great to meet you at the Orem workshop!