Friday, June 7, 2013

carolee's photo tip of the week: depth of field

depth of field is an incredible tool used to achieve specific results with your photographs. when you shoot something with a shallow depth of field your focus is extremely selective. one point on the entire image will be in focus while the rest is a beautiful blur. this can add depth and layers to your images. shooting with a deep depth of field also has a specific look and feel to it that gives you the ability to have every possible point in focus. how do you achieve these results? what do you change to control the depth of field in your photograph?

the answer is your aperture or f/stop. both of these terms refer to the same part of your camera: the lens opening. the smaller the number, the larger the lens opens and the larger the number, the smaller the lens opens. here is an illustration that helps clear up any confusion on the topic, since it can seem somewhat backwards.

in future tips i may expound upon this extremely valuable tool. but for now, focus on understanding what these numbers mean and try to control your aperture, taking portraits with the lowest aperture possible.

portra 400
styled by: megan beckham
models: rachel carter, lindsay teter
hair and makeup: lexi millet

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