Tuesday, June 4, 2013

utah maternity session: precious moments between mother and child

with every new baby comes excitement and happiness. but there can be, and often is, a little bit of fear. this emotion is slightly different the second time around. everything changes for a family when a new baby is introduced. the change seems a bit more simple when it's just for two parents. but add into the mix an only child who now becomes an older sibling and the truth is that nothing will ever be the same for them again. this is bittersweet and it was my honor to photograph some precious final moments between this lovely mother and her little girl before they welcomed a sweet little boy into their family.

in addition to these tender mommy-daughter moments, this sweet mother allowed me to capture on film just how stunningly beautiful pregnancy is. she was near the end of her pregnancy here and just a few days before this session a lovely mother's blessing was held for her. the beautiful henna is from that wonderful evening. i am in awe at her grace and beauty.

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