Friday, July 19, 2013

carolee's tip of the week: photo tip recap

if you've been following along, you are already aware that every friday i share a photo-related tip here and on my fb page.

i love helping others develop their skills with cameras and increase their abilities to take better photos. these tips that i share are just as much for me as they are for you. through teaching photography i'm in touch with a lot of concepts and questions that help me to decide what types of tips to share. i also really appreciate personal questions from you. i've received various messages regarding my photo tips on facebook and through emails, and there are questions that i have yet to answer. but keep them coming. i promise to get to every single one of them answered in time.

have you missed some of the tips that have already been shared? if you have here is a list with links for you to explore.

what dslr camera should you buy?

what type of gear should i buy when just starting out?

give yourself a photo-challenge.

modes on a digital camera.

what is shutter speed and what does it do?

the power of a simple background.

what is ISO?

the power of understanding depth of field.

understanding & using your histogram.

how do you find your own voice and make photographs that are unique to you?

taking family photos.

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