Thursday, July 4, 2013

travel thursday: a window in rome

a window in rome
in the darkness we flew from london to rome
took a train to the center of town,
with only an address and hope that there would be a room.
the hostel was friendly
and home for a few days.
we shared a room with siblings from scotland
they came in each night piss-drunk.
they were funny bunk-mates.
we walked far each day,
as we explored historical ruins
of an unforgettable past.
it was here that i met two americans
with dark sexy hair
and firm bodies.
one was a model, the other his friend
and we spent an entire evening wandering
from club to club on the roman streets.
someone had too much to drink
and peed in the tiber river.
i drank coke and laughed,
4am came too quickly
and we wrote our names with many others
on the roof of the vatican
when in rome...

window in rome, italy, 2004 "love, holga"

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