Friday, August 9, 2013

carolee's photo tip of the week: white balance intro

what is white balance and why is it important?
have you ever seen these icons?

what do they mean and how do they affect your images?
white balance is essentially the color temperature of your image. and it is super important to be aware of all of the time! here is an illustration that shows what each of these icons mean:

if this is the first you've heard of white balance then you have most likely been shooting on the "auto wb" mode. this is fine, but in certain instances it can cause some heartache for you. here's why: even though it is fast and easy to use it can be fooled easily especially when there's a large quantity of one particular color in the image. you might wonder... when would that be? well, let's think about it for a moment... have you ever tried to photograph a sunset and it just doesn't look quite like you wanted it to? or after taking a portrait have you looked back at the image and felt it was too blue for their actual skin tone? were you confused with what the color looked like? color photography is an art in itself. and so often i see pictures that show a terrible understanding of proper white balance and color temperature. this is especially easy to spot when looking at portraits.

over the next couple of weeks i will be exploring in depth the different white balance modes and explaining when you would want to use which one. by the end of this small series of tips, you will hopefully have a greater understanding of how to get the right color for your photos.

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