Thursday, August 29, 2013

travel thursday: ode to sabrina

ode to sabrina
in the midst of jr high drama,
the quest for friends,
first-time make outs,
out of school suspensions,
and second-hand thrifted finds...
i began to study the language of love.
as chouette yvette who like le numero sept
i dreamed of a day when i would wander
through the streets of paris
eating chocolate and baguettes.
there are two sabrinas
audrey hepburn, julia ormond
one a chef the other a photographer.
although no one can get enough of audrey,
i prefer the later version with julia.
she finds herself on the streets of paris
with camera in-hand.
i know what that feels like
that was my story too.
with french rolling off my tongue
and constant camera in-hand
paris became part of me and i became part of it.
the photographer greats have wandered these streets...
atget, cartier-bresson, doisneau... to name a few
have immortalized the streets of this magical city.
and now me.
my name may only be known by a select few
but the images i created at that time in my life
will always be monumental to my artistic journey.
"paris is always a good idea."

stravinsky fountain, 2004, paris

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