Thursday, August 15, 2013

travel thursdays: enroute to london

enroute to london
early 20's and traveling through europe
no smart phones
limited email communication.
a few days spent in manchester and chorley
inbox full, unable to confirm and connect.
a purchased train ticket
with a never-before visited destination north of london
and the hope that he would be waiting at the station.
i say goodbye.
there's a small delay and a change in trains...
anxious, i arrive at bury st edmonds,
and he is there.
only knowing what day i would arrive,
he spent the day waiting at the station.
contemplating the crazy events
that transpired as my brother and i traveled through europe,
i can't help but wonder at our fortune,
or was it dumb luck?
whatever it was, we went on faith and it all worked out.
and then we left for london.

london tower, 2004, "love, holga"

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